July 29

3 Ways You Can Profit From Changing Rental Demand

A false assumption exists with many homeowners and prospective landlords that they cannot rent out nicer homes. They think there is little demand for renting more expensive homes. This assumption is based on the belief that anyone who can afford to rent will just buy a house. If that was ever true when you only.

September 9

How To Fix Errors On Your Credit Report

Do it faster and better than costly repair services What used to be called great credit is now just good. At the same time, higher credit requirements keep increasing the cost of less than perfect credit. These changes make accurate credit even more important. Not only are errors common, they happen to people with good.

July 31

How To Avoid Shady Lenders

8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Lender Real estate most likely represents your largest assets and debts. It also likely presents your largest financial risks. Amazingly, most people spend more time picking a movie on any weekend than they spend selecting their mortgage lender. You usually don’t pick the cheapest doctor or attorney you.

June 25

3 Loan Secrets Ex-Pats Must Know Before They Go

3 Loan Secrets Ex-Pats Must Know Before They Go

As the world becomes increasingly connected, more Americans are working overseas. While modern technology offers a nearly seamless transition, not all aspects of your financial life reach overseas. Credit scores, banking documentation, and evidence of employment can cause trouble when you return. When you move back you may not have a credit score and your.