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Specialty Mortgage Services

AsianFamHuettner Capital offers residential and commercial loans for nearly every situation. The difference is how we offer those loans.

Instead of the traditional bank approach focusing on a large number of applications with call center “experts”, Huettner Capital is a small group of true professionals that provide a much higher level of service with personalized attention. Other lenders simply cannot match the depth and breadth of experience and knowledge we offer. You can see the difference from the beginning with our proven yet unique loan process.

Our loan process was originally designed for complex loans. It turns out it also works much better than tradtitional models for all loans now that all loans are all full documentation. Specifically, it reduces the risk of underwriting surprises saving you time and money. There are only a few differences, but the difference in our results are numerous.


Rather than having our clients spend hours filling out a loan application that won’t be perfect anyway, we do it for you. We complete 90% of the application from required documentaiton we will have to have anyway and then we get the rest in a quick follow up phone call or with a few emails.


Obtaining the documentation in advance also enables us to review it for completeness and accuracy. As a result, we can anticipate and resolve problems before submitting the loan vastly increasing your chances for quick approval and closing.

Streamlined Underwriting

To be fair, underwriters do not know what they need until they know they need it. However, the traditional loan process limits your contact to a group of “experts” who may have been selling cell phone covers at the mall six months ago. This leads to delays, inaccuracies and frustration when you have to provide information once a week for months on end.

With our underwriting experience, we ask the right questions during the application process resulting in faster and far more accurate underwriting decisions. The best part is we typically only need a few final items to be ready for closing. This skill is critical with lending criteria rising in recent years.


Our philosophy is to empower clients by educating them about their situation and providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions. We want you to do more than just take our advice. We want you to make the decision that works best for you with confidence. When you understand your needs and options you can move forward with confidence eliminating second guessing.

Additional Services

We support our clients through the loan process in many other ways including:

– Provide current interest rate information and rate lock strategies to avoid typical mistakes.
– Checklists to eliminate the most common costly borrower mistakes at closing.
– Assist clients with permanent corrections to their credit reports instead of short-term fixes to just get the loan done.
– Advise clients how they can improve their credit score going forward.
– Show clients how to properly separating their finaces from an ex-spouse, business partner, or life partner.