Huettner Capital provides a proven process to identify the right
financing structure for each client's situation.

How we help you:

One simple way - We complete the application for you! We know you have a lot on your plate, so we handle the paperwork. All you have to do is review it. LEARN MORE...

No Delays

We “pre-underwrite” your loan and get everything ready in advance so you close in weeks... not months. Close on time. Close as planned. Close without surprises. READ MORE...

Unique Philosophy

We will give you our advice, but we will also give you the information you need to make an informed decision that works best for you. Close with confidence. No second guessing yourself.  READ MORE...

Simple Fees

One flat lender fee. Then chose points for a lower rate, no points, or lower your closing costs with a slightly higher rate. It is that easy. No confusion. No tricks. READ MORE...

Residential Loans

Residential Loans

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Commercial Loans

Mortgage Consulting

Mortgage Consulting

Match Your Financing to Your Contract and Your Situation

Case Study – Match Your Financing to Your Contract and Your Situation

Ashley Simmons, a first time home-buyer, felt overwhelmed when she came to us. As is often the case, no one took the time to explain the loan process or her loan options to her. Additionally, Ashley’s purchase contract was written in a manner that did not make sense for her situation.

We suggested Ashley lower the purchase price by $4,000, eliminate the seller credit, and use a lender credit to pay for her closing costs. Her cash to close and the seller’s net proceeds were unchanged, but the lender credit saved Ashley thousands!

The Charges:

A confused first time home-buyer not getting good information or advice.

The Verdict:

We fixed her contract, matched her financing to her situation, and saved her thousands.

Trusted Experts:

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Client Testimonials:

I wanted to work with someone who wanted my business. The private banker I was initially working
with made comments about how long I had been out of the work force. The banker’s comments stuck with me. I felt like that guy viewed me as a woman who couldn’t make it on her own or manage her finances. Okay, as you can tell it still irks me. Todd took time to compare options to help me figure out
which mortgage was best for my situation and voiced his opinion based on what he knew about me.


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