Our Firm's History

How we started….

2007 – Huettner Capital, LLC is Founded
After four years managing retail mortgage offices for large homebuilders, Todd Huettner realized there was a need for truly independent professionals who could actually handle complex loans as well as a huge desire from borrower’s for individualized service. As the industry focused on larger numbers of transactions serviced by call-center “experts”, Huettner went in the opposite direction and started Huettner Capital to work with individuals on a referral basis. Taking time to work in-depth with fewer clients allowed Huettner Capital to close loans for clients as planned and on time solving the delays and problems inherent with the traditional loan process.

2008 – Federal and State Regulation Increase Lending Complexity

New regulation, including full documentation requirements for all residential mortgage loans, significantly increased the need for specialized mortgage services. Being qualified for a loan only mattered if you worked with a lender who could get your loan approved.

2010 – Introduction of the Financial Separation Plan
To assist his clients dealing with divorce, Todd developed The Financial Separation Plan. Instead of trying to fix mistakes after the fact, the plan shows clients how to separate their finances and open new accounts without destroying their credit.

2014 – Huettner Capital becomes a mortgage lender
The move from Broker to Lender was a natural progression for a growing mature business in the mortgage industry. However, new rules and regulations created immediate benefits to clients overnight.

In January 2014, new Qualified Mortgage (QM) rules went into effect in an effort to lower mortgage rates and fees. The problem is these rules regulated Brokers and Bankers differently and resulted in numerous unintended consequences.

In several cases, these new rules would have required our borrower’s use a lender who actually had higher rates and fees just to meet the new rules of “lower cost loans.” Additionally, the largest banks in the country discontinued brokering loans severely limiting options for borrowers. In response to these changes, Huettner Capital became a lender and began funding its own loans.

As a mortgage lender, Huettner Capital can offer even more competitive rates and fees with access to even more loan programs and gain direct control over the entire loan process resulting in an even better experience for clients.

Meet Todd:

Todd has over twenty years experience in the finance, mortgage, and real estate industries. His career in real estate began in 1990 with Huettner Properties, a family-owned commercial real estate company. Since then, he has been a licensed real estate agent in Oklahoma and New Mexico, a financial analyst, and a consultant working with Fortune 500 clients.

His introduction to the mortgage industry began running numbers for friends and family on their loans. “I had so many people asking me to explain the numbers and urging me to get into the business I finally agreed there was definitely a need”, remembers Huettner. Todd “officially” got into the lending industry and managed a loan origination office for two of the largest homebuilders in the country where he also underwrote loans.

A recognized expert in the finance, and real estate industries, he is frequently quoted in the trade and business press. He has been published in Scotsman Guide, a monthly magazine focusing on the mortgage lending industry, as well as several other regional real estate guides.

Todd graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and earned his Masters of Business Administration at The Michael F. Price College of Business at the University of Oklahoma.

He lives in Denver, Colorado with his wife Jill and their three sons. An active member of the community, his volunteer work includes youth sports and coaching with the Arapahoe Youth League.

Our Philosophy:

Huettner Capital works with individuals and businesses seeking residential and commercial real estate loans.  They handle all types of financing and specialize in complex transactions involving self-employment, multiple properties, wealth management, investment property, relocation, divorce, and condominiums.

They provide a proven process to identify the right financing structure for each situation.  Based on a comprehensive evaluation, their program reduces risks while saving clients time and money.

The Huettner Capital philosophy is to empower clients by educating them about their situation and providing them with the information they need to make informed decisions.  Equally important, their strong lender relationships provide access to all loan programs with competitive rates and terms.

Through their work with clients going through divorce, Huettner Capital developed The Financial Separation Plan, which is a roadmap for clients to close joint accounts that reduces risk and negative impacts to client’s credit scores.

In the Press:

Amazingly, most people spend more time picking a movie on any weekend than they spend selecting their mortgage lender. Far too much of my business comes from referrals who spent weeks or months trying and failing to get a loan closed with another lender. In a few cases, it is obvious there was no way they could qualify yet they spent $2,000 on appraisals and inspections with other lenders. Find an expert.

Todd Huettner is highly sought out with the press to lend his insight and expertise to their various articles on real estate financing, loan strategies and commercial & residential consulting. Are you looking for a credible source? Todd is always looking for outlets to lend his expertise. Contact him here.