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When the Simple Becomes Complex:

Huettner Capital is a residential and commercial real estate lender. We handle all types of financing and specialize in complex transactions.

These situations typically involve self-employment, multiple properties, wealth management, investment property, relocation, and divorce to name a few. However, most people do not realize how frequently their situation is too complex for the typical lender to handle effectively.

Getting these loans done is not the problem. The problem is the people getting most borrower’s their loans. They simply have far too little knowledge and experience to get anything other than the cookie cutter loan done in less than several months. This is the reason why the traditional loan origination process just doesn’t work any more.

Creating a team and new loan process that works with full documentation loans, especially the complex ones, was the whole point in starting Huettner Capital from the very beginning. Welcome to the solution!

For many separating couples, the financial aspect of divorce is complex and emotionally taxing. As you navigate the separation, a Divorce Financial Analyst can be a valuable ally, helping you understand the financial implications of your decisions. These professionals are trained to analyze the economic aspects of divorce, ensuring a fair and equitable settlement for both parties.

Let’s discuss the benefits of working with a Divorce Financial Analyst and how they can assist you during this difficult time.

Expert Financial Guidance

One of the primary benefits of hiring a Divorce Financial Analyst is their expert financial guidance. They have specialized knowledge in financial planning, tax implications, and the division of assets and liabilities. This expertise allows them to provide a clear picture of your financial situation and the long-term impact of your decisions.

A Divorce Financial Analyst can help you:

  • Assess the value of marital assets and debts
  • Understand the tax consequences of asset division
  • Develop a realistic post-divorce budget
  • Evaluate settlement options to ensure financial stability

By providing this guidance, they help ensure that you make informed decisions that protect your financial future.


Objective Analysis

Emotions can run high during a divorce, making it difficult to think clearly about financial matters. A Divorce Financial Analyst offers an objective perspective, focusing on the numbers rather than the emotions. This impartiality can be crucial in reaching a fair settlement.

These analysts use financial models and projections to show how different settlement scenarios will impact your financial well-being. This data-driven approach helps you and your legal team make decisions based on facts rather than emotions.


Avoiding Costly Mistakes

Divorce involves numerous financial details, and overlooking any of them can lead to costly mistakes. A Divorce Financial Analyst ensures that no detail is missed, from retirement accounts to tax implications. Their thorough analysis can prevent you from agreeing to a settlement that might seem fair now but could be detrimental in the long run.

For example, they can help you understand the long-term impact of keeping the family home versus selling it and dividing the proceeds. They also identify potential tax liabilities and ensure that any settlement agreements are structured to minimize your tax burden.


Customized Financial Planning

Every divorce is unique, and a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work. A Divorce Financial Analyst provides customized financial planning tailored to your specific situation. They consider your income, expenses, assets, and future financial goals to create a plan that meets your needs.

This personalized planning helps you transition to your new financial reality smoothly. Whether it’s managing spousal support, child support, or dividing retirement accounts, their customized approach ensures that your financial plan aligns with your life goals.


Secure Your Financial Future with Huettner Capital

Divorce is a significant life change that can have lasting financial impacts. A Divorce Financial Analyst can provide the expertise and objective analysis you need to navigate this transition successfully. By understanding your financial situation and planning for the future, you can achieve a fair and sustainable settlement.

If you’re going through a divorce and need financial guidance, consider reaching out to Huettner Capital. Our team is here to help you secure your financial future and ensure a smooth transition during this challenging time. 

Contact us today to find out more about our services and how we can support you.

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