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When the Simple Becomes Complex:

Huettner Capital is a residential and commercial real estate lender. We handle all types of financing and specialize in complex transactions.

These situations typically involve self-employment, multiple properties, wealth management, investment property, relocation, and divorce to name a few. However, most people do not realize how frequently their situation is too complex for the typical lender to handle effectively.

Getting these loans done is not the problem. The problem is the people getting most borrower’s their loans. They simply have far too little knowledge and experience to get anything other than the cookie cutter loan done in less than several months. This is the reason why the traditional loan origination process just doesn’t work any more.

Creating a team and new loan process that works with full documentation loans, especially the complex ones, was the whole point in starting Huettner Capital from the very beginning. Welcome to the solution!


Anyone buying real estate today must have a plan to position their offers against other deals, especially cash deals. Cash Buyers have gobbled up properties the last few years snatching them right out from under traditional buyers with quick closings and eliminating the risk of financing delays. Some sellers even agree to a lower price on a cash offer.

Sellers prefer Cash Buyers because they do not have the risk of delays or the deal falling apart due to financing and they can close faster. To compete against them, you have to reduce the risk of financing and offer more in other area by being flexible and give the seller what they want in all other points of negotiation. Here is how:

1. Eliminate Contingencies – Include one for financing and make it short. You have to have your loan ready.
2. Be Pre-Approved – Chose a lender and get pre-underwritten BEFORE you put in an offer. Make sure your lender has everything they will need from you to complete your loan so you can move quickly. Ask your lender to highlight to the seller that these documents have been provided and reviewed and even call the seller’s agent.
3. Be ready to close quickly – If you can close in 2-3 weeks, it will eliminate one advantage of cash buyers.
4. Be flexible – Give the seller what they want. Let them chose the title company and the closing date. Many buyers focus so much on price and earnest money that they miss out on a big opportunity taking the right approach here.

Ways To Be Flexible

• No Inclusions – Don’t ask for furnishings and offer to let them leave an item to make their move easier.
• Short Deadlines – Get the inspection, survey, appraisal, loan, etc. done right away. If something falls through, the seller will know quickly and can find another buyer without losing time.
• Inspection objections – In states that use dollar amounts, go with a low amount for inspection repairs. In other states, don’t object to anything unless it is enough to make you walk from buying the home.
• Closing and Possession Dates – Let them choose. Ask if they want a day or two to move out after closing?
• Keep It Simple – Use the regular contract and keep it short. The more you add, the more complicated and confusing your offer will appear. When in doubt, they seller will go with what looks easy.
• Ask – Asking the seller what they want before submitting an offer is so simple, yet few buyers actually do it. You may not be able to do everything they want, but it shows you are trying.

Some agent and buyers try to make a personal connection with the seller through a personal appeal about how their house is perfect for your family. I do not think these are very effective with most sellers. At the end of the day, sellers want certainty and money so give them as much as you can of both.

Tips To Protect Your Money

• Don’t pay more than you think a house is worth.
• Don’t risk more earnest money than you can afford to lose.
• Don’t lose your earnest money. Get your ducks in a row and be ready to meet every deadline.
• Make sure your agent and lender are up to the job.
• Pay attention to every detail of every deadline every day. It is your money at risk.

You can’t win them all, but an expert agent and lender with this plan will work more often than anything else.

Please call or email me if you have questions about financing.

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