April 1


At the last FOMC Meeting, the FED announced they were removing the hard unemployment rate target and would be using other data along with the unemployment rate to guide interest rate policy. While this makes a lot of sense, the market did not like it one bit and rates jumped. The change had to happen.

February 25

Don’t Screw This Up When Building or Remodeling Your Home

The biggest mistake people make when building or remodeling a home is waiting to lock their mortgage rate until they are almost done with construction. A quick jump in rates will leave you with thousands more in loan fees, paying tens of thousands more in interest, causing yourself serious financial trouble, or could even keep.

September 9

How To Fix Errors On Your Credit Report

Do it faster and better than costly repair services What used to be called great credit is now just good. At the same time, higher credit requirements keep increasing the cost of less than perfect credit. These changes make accurate credit even more important. Not only are errors common, they happen to people with good.

July 31

How To Avoid Shady Lenders

8 Questions to Ask Before Choosing Your Lender Real estate most likely represents your largest assets and debts. It also likely presents your largest financial risks. Amazingly, most people spend more time picking a movie on any weekend than they spend selecting their mortgage lender. You usually don’t pick the cheapest doctor or attorney you.

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