July 29

3 Ways You Can Profit From Changing Rental Demand

A false assumption exists with many homeowners and prospective landlords that they cannot rent out nicer homes. They think there is little demand for renting more expensive homes. This assumption is based on the belief that anyone who can afford to rent will just buy a house. If that was ever true when you only.

June 3


By Michael Hoover, General Manager of Mavi Unlimited Property Management and Real Estate. Once you’ve located a potential renter, it’s time to thoroughly investigate them to determine the likelihood of timely rent payments or only monthly headaches prior to signing a lease. Here are 5 tips to help you screen each of your applicants. 1).

June 2

7 Closing Mistakes That Can Cost You BIG Money

Borrowers regularly make costly mistakes when closing their loans. A higher rate or an extra point on your loan can cost thousands. An error on a prepayment penalty, balloon payment, or adjustable rate can cost you tens of thousands more. It is ultimately your responsibility to protect yourself from any mistakes. Real estate is very.

June 1


GDP QUESTIONS GDP is the big question after continued mixed signals from the economy. The April jobs data was very strong, but was not overwhelming and was followed by several weak economic reports. The ADP jobs data comes out this week and the official May jobs report is due Friday. The ECB meets Thursday and.

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