May 1

5 Things to Consider… If You Are Considering Divorce

Someone said the “D” word. While it may only be a bluff, divorce is a major life event that you must take seriously. Here are five things you need to think about before you do anything. Are you really at that point? – Marriage is not easy. It requires hard work and heartache. However, divorce.

April 1

4 Problems to Avoid… If You Are Headed for Divorce

The same basic problems lead to most of the financial mistakes people make when going through a divorce. These errors can cost you thousands of dollars and haunt you for years. Watch out for these problems and use the solutions below to avoid them altogether. The Problems Waiting To Do Anything – For a number.

March 1

3 Reasons Why… You Cannot Wait to Refinance After a Divorce

Perhaps the single biggest mistake people make after a divorce is not separating joint debts they have with their ex-spouse. Quite often, this includes refinancing a mortgage. While it may seem like you can relax once the divorce is “final”, you cannot put this off or forget to do it. The most common reasons I.

February 1

2 Things… You Must Know About Divorce Finance

After years of working with clients dealing with divorce, I understand the fear and worry that it causes. It is heartbreaking to know that people have been haunted for years by financial mistakes made during their divorce and even lost their homes and businesses as a result. You simply must know two things before completing.

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