December 15

Here’s What You Don’t Know About Mortgage Points That Could Be Costly

Mortgages are a costly affair, so much so, they’re our most significant monthly expense. It’s no wonder then that many try to improve their mortgage rates, which can be done through several means. For instance, you can improve your credit score or lower the ratio between your debt and income. Alternatively, buying mortgage points is.

December 1

10 Boneheaded Home Loan Moves… You Cannot Make Before You Close

Getting a loan can be a long and frustrating process even when you don’t have a complex situation. While there are a lot of hoops to jump through, people often cause their own headaches. Here is a list of the most common self-inflicted wounds to avoid before and during your loan process. You simply cannot.

November 1

How To Cover Your Assets… When Divorcing a Greedy Spouse

A client facing divorce asked me how she would know if her spouse was hiding assets. She said she was concerned because her doctor said his colleagues tried to coach him on how to hide assets prior to his divorce. Here is what you should do to protect yourself from a greedy spouse. Each state.

October 1

10 Important Documents… You Need To Prepare For Divorce

Clients thinking about divorce will often contact me with questions about refinancing their marital home or buying a new one after a divorce. While I can answer some of their loan questions, they usually don’t have much documentation for their current finances and don’t know where to start. Here are the documents you need to.