August 1

8 Important Questions… To Ask During Your Divorce

Clients often face nagging credit and financial issues from a past divorce they must deal with to buy or refinance a home. To make matters worse, fixing these problems can be very costly. However, you can usually avoid these issues altogether during the divorce. To ensure your divorce does not cause you headaches for years,.

July 1

7 Costly Divorce Misconceptions

While a lot of people get divorced, most people don’t know a lot about divorce. The result is a lot misinformation that causes problems that can take years to resolve after a divorce is final. If you are thinking about divorce, watch out for these 7 misconceptions: 1.But, we agree on everything – There are.

June 1

6 Steps to… Divide Real Estate During Your Divorce

One of the biggest challenges couples face during a divorce is deciding what to do with real estate. It is also an area where people make the most mistakes. These mistakes are usually the result of emotional stress and not properly valuing the home equity. Use these 6 steps to avoid costly mistakes with your.

May 1

5 Things to Consider… If You Are Considering Divorce

Someone said the “D” word. While it may only be a bluff, divorce is a major life event that you must take seriously. Here are five things you need to think about before you do anything. Are you really at that point? – Marriage is not easy. It requires hard work and heartache. However, divorce.