December 6

How to Turn Your Mortgage Into a College Savings Plan

A “529 Plan” is a popular education savings plan designed to save money for college expenses. Operated by an educational institution or by a state agency, they offer the benefit of tax deferred investment growth much like a retirement plan. Additionally, withdrawals for qualified educational expenses are tax-free. Finally, even though your contributions are not.

November 23

The Financial Benefits of Downsizing Your Home

I work with clients young and old to downsize their homes. While most of them are seeking the same financial benefits, some of them identified other reasons to move. Here is a quick rundown of the benefits of downsizing, a new twist to it, as well as a few mistakes to avoid. The top 5.

July 29

3 Ways You Can Profit From Changing Rental Demand

A false assumption exists with many homeowners and prospective landlords that they cannot rent out nicer homes. They think there is little demand for renting more expensive homes. This assumption is based on the belief that anyone who can afford to rent will just buy a house. If that was ever true when you only.

June 3


By Michael Hoover, General Manager of Mavi Unlimited Property Management and Real Estate. Once you’ve located a potential renter, it’s time to thoroughly investigate them to determine the likelihood of timely rent payments or only monthly headaches prior to signing a lease. Here are 5 tips to help you screen each of your applicants. 1).